Illinois Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, Inc.
Supporting information and referral services in Illinois. 

AIRS Mission:

To provide leadership and support to our members to advance the capacity of information and referral organizations that bring people and services together.

Who are we?

Illinois AIRS is a network of public and private human service organizations and individuals throughout the state of Illinois.  Illinois AIRS was incorporated in April, 1983 as a not-for-profit organization.

What do we do?

Illinois AIRS provides an exchange of information to the general public.  Members of Illinois AIRS provide reliable, quick and accurate referrals to those in need of services.  Illinois AIRS supports professionalism in the field of Information and Referrals (I&R) and furthers the cause of providing aid to people in need.

Why become a member?

Membership encourages people to exchange and update information on services provided.  The membership supports professionalism by providing basic and advanced certification in I&R to aid in the dissemination of information to clients.  The most important benefit is the enhancement of services to your clients.




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